CBD : A Buyer’s Guide


What to look for when buying CBD online and how Dispensr can help

By: Dabber the Adder

CBD is hot! Nowadays we see it everywhere, online, in pharmacies, health stores and even in some local supermarkets. There is so much variety and so many brands of CBD (infused) products out there, that it is getting harder to see the forest for the trees. So, how do you make an informed decision when buying CBD online? How do you know you are getting the real deal? How do you know it’s safe? 

Here are 5 tips that can help you make a confident choice on what CBD product to get. 

What is CBD and what are its physical health benefits?

Before we get started with tips on what to look for when buying CBD products, let us refresh your memory with a short summary of what CBD exactly is.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-psychoactive component (i.e. it doesn’t get you high as THC does) of the cannabis plant (aka ‘hemp’) with far-reaching medicinal potential. A large body of research has shown that CBD may be able to treat a wide variety of physical health issues and their underlying symptoms like chronic pain, inflammation, Crohn’s, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lack of appetite, cardiovascular disease and multiple sclerosis.

Some studies even suggest that CBD may have anti-tumoral properties, making it a potential new medicine against certain forms of cancer. There are even signs that CBD may be able to treat the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Besides these specific physical health issues, CBD also has overall health benefits, due to the way it activates our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). By that, we mean that if there is an imbalance in one or more of our bodily functions (e.g. our immune system), CBD swoops in and restores those imbalances and makes sure all works as it should.


Now that we’ve reminded you of the basics, let’s get down to the ‘CBD buyer’s tips’

1. Look for a CBD company with adequate information and shows passion for the product

Due to the rising popularity of CBD products, new CBD companies pop up almost daily, especially on social media. As you might have guessed, not every one of those companies is transparent about their products or are just downright untrustworthy. They are just in it to make a quick buck and chances are high that their products are either completely fake or contain no or very little actual CBD.

That’s why you want to look for companies that are not only passionate about CBD but also provide you with adequate and transparent information about their products as well as how to administer them.

This transparency comes in the form of a ‘CoA’ (Certificate of Analysis). Such a certificate shows exactly how much CBD is in that particular product as well as what other compounds, like other cannabinoids or terpenes, are present. A reputable CBD seller will have a recent CoA on their website or will have it available if anyone asks for it.

Luckily, you landed on the site of one such company. We at Dispensr have a deep-seated love for everything that has to do with cannabis, hemp and CBD-related products. We are all early adaptors when it comes to CBD and have been using it for many years ourselves before we ever thought about selling it online.

Besides that, all our CBD flowers and extracts have been certified by well-known, established, and more importantly, independent test laboratories.


2. What is the source of the CBD product and what is in it?

Are there any chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides used in the production of the source material? If so, this should be clearly stated on the COA, on their website and on the packaging. Better yet, what you are really looking for is a product that has none of those things in the first place.

That’s why Dispensr offers CBD flower that are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. The same is true for our CBD extracts, which are also guaranteed to be solvent & pesticide-free.

3. What form of CBD should I buy?

There are many different ways to administer CBD; from CBD oil droplets to tinctures or topicals and edibles like gummy bears. All of these delivery methods are perfectly fine ways to consume or apply CBD. The only drawback of these methods is that they take a while before they take effect. Whether the CBD is ingested or applied on the skin, it has to be absorbed or processed by the body the ‘long way’ (i.e. the digestive system or skin absorption). This process can take up to 30 to 90 minutes before the CBD takes effect.

That’s why we at Dispensr believe the best way to enjoy the beneficial effects of CBD is through inhalation. And the best way to inhale CBD is either vaping dried flower with a vaporizer or dabbing CBD extracts.

We offer a quality selection of CBD-rich flowers, like Copperhead Cookies or CBDirective CBHerb™ and highly concentrated, pure CBD extracts like King Cobra Venom (72% CBD pure dabs/wax) and Dried Mamba Venom (99% CBD dabs/wax) or CBDirective CBCrystal™ (99% pure isolated CBD crystals).


4. Should I buy full-spectrum CBD or isolated CBD products?

CBD works best if it is joined by other (Phyto)cannabinoids (like CBN and CBG) and terpenes (like Beta-Caryophyllene). This cooperation between compounds is what the scientific community calls ‘the Entourage Effect’ (EE). The EE is a process where the full-spectrum of active compounds are available and work together to maximise their physical effect and bioavailability. And the best way to ensure you have all the compounds for the EE to take full form is to go straight to the source; the dried hemp flowers themselves.

On the other hand, there is the method of consuming isolated and highly concentrated CBD products like our CBCrystals™ and Dried Mamba Venom. Because of their purity and high CBD content, you never have to worry whether or not your dose is high enough for your body to absorb and enjoy the full physical effect.

We at Dispensr firmly believe these two forms of CBD are the best and surest way you get the full benefit of physical health it has to offer.

5. How is the CBD extracted?

The way CBD extracts are produced is of critical importance for the quality of the end product as well as your health. Less reputable companies may offer CBD extracts that are produced through an extraction method using solvents like Butanol, Propanol or Ethanol. Not only does this produce a low-quality extract, but they can also be harmful to your health if the solvents aren’t properly removed after production.

For this reason, we only sell extracts that have been obtained through a ‘Supercritical Carbon Dioxide’ (CO2) extraction method. This is a process where the hemp flowers are put under high pressure and low temperatures to extract the full spectrum of beneficial compounds, without the use of solvents. Besides being the highest standard of extraction, it is also the cleanest and safest.


Let us know how we can be of even better service in your search for the best CBD products.

We hope these tips will help you to make an informed decision on which CBD product to buy. Is there anything we forgot? Do you have any additional tips? Is something unclear or would you like to know more? Let us know what you think in the comments.

We at Dispensr are at your service.

Mischievously yours,

Dabber the Adder

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