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CBDirective is an herbal food supplement company. They believe that good health begins with good choices inside & out. They offer premium CBD products made with quality ingredients that support the body in multiple ways. With certified organic hemp supplements, CBDirective provides the very best quality CBD whether it be in easy-to-use capsule form, hot delicious Chai or just pure raw organic hemp to use as you like.


Breaking out as one of the latest Dutch online retailers in 2020, Dispensr proudly offers the best in third-party vape technology and own brand of CBD & vape accessories. Offering a fine assortment of CBD concentrate, including lines of Venoms & dried Flower. With flavours ranging from fruits & desserts, there’s something to satisfy your taste at Dispensr.



Dreamwood Vaporizer is a young german vaporizer manufacturer specialising in alternative, sustainable & natural products. Offering mechanical & electrical vaporizers, made of wood, stainless steel and glass. Each Dreamwood vaporizer is a one of a kind piece. They’re produced in small batches and are unique in their shape & color. Curved shapes and exquisite wood grains are trademarks of Dreamwood.


DynaVap proudly designs, engineers, and manufactures, in-house, all of their vaporizers using the highest quality materials available. They do this to deliver what they feel is ‘the best battery-free vaporizing options available today’. When you invest in DynaVap, you can rest assured that you’re supporting a team of dedicated engineers, technologists, and above all – vape enthusiasts.


Linx Vapor is a group of like-minded vaporizer enthusiasts who were dissatisfied with the state of the vaporizer industry. Plastic was everywhere and health seemed to be almost an afterthought. They knew they could do better. Their vision was to build a health consciousness, stylish and affordable vaporizer that could deliver on taste. But they didn’t stop there, their entire product line is painstakingly crafted to give you the best vaporising experience imaginable. Vape smart, vape healthy, vape Linx.


PAX Labs goal of creating responsible, enjoyable, and personalised vaporizer experiences came true. This award-winning consumer technology brand, headquartered in San Francisco, continue to represent the gold standard in quality. Their aim of being good stewards for the vape movement has created loose leaf & extract vaporizers, for those looking for a premium and discreet product. PAX focuses on design & innovation, meaning they have best-in-class software and hardware, to personalise your experience.


Storz & Bickel brought the VOLCANO to market in 2000. Experts, medical patients, doctors & retail consumers alike have praised the detachable balloon design & innovation of their herbal vaporizers. Now offering the multiple handheld & table-top vaporizers, this brand is one to watch and have in your assortment for any occasion, big or small. Modern design combined with bluetooth & app control are at your disposal.


Tinymight is a complete portable herbal vaporizer manufacturer in Finland. Better for you, better for the Earth. It offers outstanding power & performance for its compact size. With user safety at the forefront, its design combines ease of use with solid construction from high quality materials & finishes that are easy to maintain and are kind to the environment. 10-year warranties on all products. #Ohyea

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