Dreamwood: Artisan Convection Vaporizers For Connoisseurs

One-of-a-kind, handcrafted portable vaporizers from Germany

By: Herbert M. Green

Are you the kind of person that loves artisan craftsmanship and unique, handmade products? Are you looking for a durable and sustainable vaporizer made from natural materials? Or are you always on the hunt for the newest and next level wooden vaporizer on the market? Then the jet flame powered or wooden box mod convection vaporizers by Dreamwood might be your next big find.


German precision and craftsmanship to create truly unique vaporizers

Dreamwood is an up and coming, one-person vaporizer company based in Germany. Founder Steffen specialises in precision wood crafting techniques. He combines his exceptional skills with his love for vaping to create small batches of truly unique wooden convection vaporizers. And when I say ‘unique’, I mean it in the truest sense of the word.

Because all the vapes Stefan makes are 100% handcrafted. Each Dreamwood vaporizer is one-of-a-kind! Were you to buy two of them, they might look the same in their overall design, but the shape, colour and woodgrain are still distinct from each other.


Stefan doesn’t seem to have one favourite type of wood to work with. Instead, he uses a wide variety of different wood types, ranging from Walnut to Bahia Rosewood to Santos Palisander and Mahogany to Special Oak.

100% convection vaporizers

All of Stefan’s devices may be one-of-a-kind, but the one overall theme Dreamwood’s vaporizers share is that they operate with a convection heating technique. This makes me exceedingly happy because this heating technique undoubtedly delivers the best flavour experience you can wish for with a dry herb or concentrate vaporizer.

If you are new to vaping, you might not have heard of ‘convection heating’. No biggy, that is perfectly normal. But, know that it is an important and frequently used term in the world of vaporizers. Without going into the finer details (which I cover in this article), convection heating means that the material you want to vape is heated through a current of hot airflow, which is generated by a separated heat source (commonly known as an oven or heating chamber). The speed and intensity of your inhalation dictate the amount of hot air that flows through the material, thus giving you more control over the thickness of the vapour you exhale.

Jet flame or a battery-powered heat source, the choice is yours

There are two other themes that characterise Dreamwood’s style of vaporizer manufacturing; Dreamwood makes both jet flame and battery-powered vapes. Besides the DLX series, the Dobby, the Roasty, and an entire line of wooden VapCap stems, there are two models I think deserve extra attention; the Dreamwood Glow RCV and the Punch Mini series.

Glow RCV

The Dreamwood Glow RCV series may be of special interest to those who also enjoy vaping e-liquids through a sub-ohm box mod device. This vaporizer was specially designed to be compatible with every common e-cigarette battery mod (box mod) that has a 510 thread connection and can produce at least 50 watts of power.
For sub-ohm vapers, who also enjoy vaping cannabis flowers on-the-go, this is a genuine game changer!

With the Glow RCV, you no longer have to carry two different devices if you want to switch between vaping e-liquids and weed. Just screw your e-liquid tank off your box mod and attach the Glow, set your mod to a setting between 30-60 watts and start vaping.

Another cool feature of the Glow RCV (Rebuildable Convection Vaporizer), is the fact that it is the first vaporizer in the world that allows you to clean or replace the heating coils. Not that you would need to do this regularly because the Kanthal wire coils last a very, very long time, but it is nice to have the option.
Besides that, I have a gut feeling that this option will soon sprout a lively community of hardcore DIY vapers that will want to install their own, custom-made coils for a bit extra ‘oomph’ in cloud production and even faster heat-up times. (just make sure you know what you’re doing!)

And even if you are not a sub-ohm vaper, the Glow may still be of interest to you, simply because open flame vaping isn’t your style and you prefer a battery-powered device.

Dreamwood Punch Mini

For those who rather want to forego batteries and box mods, there is the jet flame powered option. Dreamwood offers several open-flame vaporizers, like the Dobby, the DLX series and the Roasty. But, my absolute favourite is the Punch Mini.

This hybrid between a desktop vaporizer and portable vaporizer may look tiny and cute, but let me tell you; it packs a big punch! (yes, pun intended :p)

It might take those who are new to vaping or those who are unfamiliar with this particular vaping platform a few tries to achieve consistent vapour production with the Punch Mini, but the slight learning curve is more than worth it.

This is because vaping with the Punch Mini (or any other glass-stem-convection-platform) requires a specific inhalation technique, what we call ‘the sipping method’ and you’ll need to keep the jet flame at a certain distance from the glass heating stem. However, once you got the hang of it, the flavour and clouds this puppy produces are what dreams are made of!

The big clouds and incredible flavour are made possible due to the large herb filling chamber and draw-resistance-free airpath the vapour flows through. This creates an unobstructed airflow that carries the vapour from the chamber almost directly to your mouth (and lungs). The extended and curved glass mouthpiece makes sure the vapour is sufficiently cooled to give you those huge but smooth hits.

Dreamwood vaporizers for the real vape connoisseur

I think it goes without saying that Dreamwood vapes aren’t your run-of-the-mill vapes. The beautiful and sometimes extraordinarily rare types of woods Stefan uses give these vaporizers that extra ‘wow-factor’. Combine that with the fact that every device is hand-crafted, makes them truly unique. This also means Dreamwood vapes are only made in small batches, making them a rare commodity and will certainly impress all your vaping friends.

Besides the exclusivity and characteristic appearance, you just can’t beat the practicality of the Glow RCV and the high-performance of the Punch Mini.

I seriously can’t wait to see what Stefan and Dreamwood come up with next!

Have you tried any of Dreamwood’s creations? If so, do you like it as much as I do? What do you like about it the most? Is there anything you’d like to see improved? What’s your overall experience been like?

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Peace out and vape on!
Herb Green

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