5 Tips For The Best Vaporizer Holiday Gifts


A top 5 list of the best vaporizer brands we carry and how they make for perfect holiday presents

2020 is almost behind us. (pfff!) But, before we say goodbye to this crazy year, we want to go out with a bang. That’s why we created some irresistible holiday deals that will make shopping for vaporizer presents a no-brainer. For those who are having trouble making a choice between all these amazing deals, here are some tips to help you make the best decision of 2020. 🎁💨

By Dispensr

DynaVap: Holiday gifts for every budget

Let us begin with a tip for a varying budget. By that, we mean that DynaVap offers very affordable portable vaporizers, like the 2019 VapCap M. But, if you have a little bit more to spend, you can make yourself or someone else very happy with something more exclusive. The OmniVap: XL Titanium for instance. This lightweight pen vaporizer does the same as the 2019 VapCap M, but better. And it looks amazing too. 

Or if you want the holiday gift to be a bit more substantial, why not go for a starter pack like the 2020 ‘M’ Starter Pack.

The ultimate gift for a true DynaVap fan, however, is hands down, the Apollo 2 induction heater. This baby changes the whole vaping game with any DynaVap vaporizer. Fast induction heating on-the-go as a Christmas present? With a gift like that, you can be sure that the person you gift it to will never forget you, ever.


The DynaVap 2020 'M' Starter Pack is a great way to start the best flavour experience you will ever have

Dreamwood: The craft vaporizers that look as good as they perform

Dreamwood vaporizers are the ideal gift for those who can appreciate craftsmanship, natural materials, unique esthetics and high-performance vaporizers. As we explained in one of our previous blogs, Dreamwood vaporizers are handmade, exclusive vapes for vapers who like something different, without having to skimp on performance.  

Dreamwood caters to both jet flame vapers with the Dobby V2 and Punch Mini as well as box-mod aficionados through the RCV Glow 18 and RCV Glow 14.  


Check out all the goodies you get when you buy a Dreamwood RCV Glow 

PAX: Fashionable vaporizers for on-the-go

As one of the most elegant and sleek portable vaporizers on the market, the PAX 3 is the perfect gift for fashion-conscious vapers who like to party till the sun comes up and look fabulous at the same time. This hand-sized conduction vaporizer has a nice big bowl that packs enough dry herb or concentrates to last for multiple vaping sessions and a battery that can last all night long. Just check out this blog if you want to learn more about this tiny powerhouse.

The light Padouk wooden version of the Dreamwood/Dispensr DynaVap VapCap stem

You can never go wrong gifting someone you love a PAX 3

Storz & Bickel: High-end German engineering and powerful performance

Seeing Storz & Bickel are pretty much the godfathers of vaporizers, we think they need little introduction, but if you are wondering what the fuss is all about, check this blog for more information. If you really want to impress someone with a vaporizer for the holidays and you have a larger budget, you can’t go wrong with the portable powerhouses like the Mighty or Crafty+

However, if you have some serious spending money left this Christmas (because you saved it all by not going anywhere in 2020) and you want to make yourself or someone else ecstatic with joy, get them a Volcano Hybrid. Why? Because it is the ultimate party-and-share vaporizer! 

Now, we know what you’re thinking; that is an expensive present. True, but it is also the best desktop vaporizer you will ever buy and will last for years and years, without having to worry something better will hit the market anytime soon. Truly, buy a Volcano now and you and your friends will be vaping happily for a lifetime.

The light Padouk wooden version of the Dreamwood/Dispensr DynaVap VapCap stem

Yes, it's a bit of an investment. But it's an one-time investment that will have you vaping on a high level till at least 2077

Tinymight: versatile convection vaping perfected

The Tinymight is a vaporizer for those who want the best of everything in the palm of their hand. Do you want a convection-powered session vaporizer that also functions as an on-demand vape? You want to vape dry herb and concentrates with the best flavour and cloud density? Do you want something that is exclusive and offers the best performance possible? Tinymight has and does it all! If you are looking for a gift to please even the most snobbish vape-connoisseur, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful little vaporizer.

The light Padouk wooden version of the Dreamwood/Dispensr DynaVap VapCap stem

The Tinymight might look tiny, but it is a powerful little convection vape that lets you decide how you want to vape

So, what are you planning to get as a holiday present? Who are you going to give it to? Are you going to get something for yourself or someone else? Are there any products you think should be added to our collection? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media channels. 

Happy holidays from Dispensr and keep on vaping! 

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