Finding the right vaporizer for your style of vaping

A couple enjoying cannabis vapour with a Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer

What kind of vaper am I?: A buyer’s guide to finding your perfect vaporizer

By Herbert M. Green

In this article, I’ll be asking you some questions. Questions that, if answered honestly, will give you a huge leg up in the search for your ideal vaporizer. So, treat this article as a sort of ‘step by step decision guide’ to find out which vaporizer best fits your personal preferences. 

What is my level of experience with vaping? 

Vaping versus smoking cannabis is much farther removed than most people realise. Not only in effect but sensation as well as the technical aspect. It’s crucial for you to be honest with yourself about your level of vaping experience. It would be a shame if your first vape session ends in frustration due to the learning curve (1) or because you’re so used to the sensation of smoking cannabis.

(1) Some vaporizers may require some getting used to before you learn how to use them to their full extent. The basic operation might be straightforward, but getting the most out of these vapes might come with some trial and error. Don’t get discouraged! Keep on trying and experimenting! Once you got it, you’ll be vaping on a whole other level! 

It’s easy to imagine getting discouraged to quit smoking if your first vaping attempt leaves a lot to be desired. A subject I discussed in one of my previous articles.

So, if you’re new to correct temperature settings and inhalation techniques, it’s best to acknowledge that fact and avoid any future disappointment. For novice vapers, I recommend starting with a vaporizer that is simple to operate. A device where setting the right temperature is easy and includes helpful features like ‘auto-shutoff’. In that case, I’d go for a vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, like the Crafty or Mighty.

The Crafty and Mighty by Storz & Bickel are one of the best “beginners vapes” I would recommend.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics of vaping, figured out the difference in sensation and effects of vaping as opposed to smoking, then you can go on to pinpoint what your preferences are and move on to vaporizers that need a bit more finesse or have a steeper learning curve.      

The vaping-learning curve can be daunting, but worth it

The time will come when you feel you’ve outgrown the beginner’s stage of vaping, and that’s where the real fun begins. That’s when you start looking for a more ‘customisable vaping experience’ and those learning curves won’t be so daunting or frustrating any more. At this stage in your ‘vape-evolution,’ you might try your hand at a DynaVap VapCap or a Dreamwood Punch or Dobby

For when you too, become an expert vaper

Reaching the next and final stage of your vaping evolution isn’t so much about skill as it is about knowledge. Being an expert vaper is all about knowing exactly how you want to vape and which vaporizer to use at that given moment. By this time there’s a good chance you have several different vapes in your collection, all with different pros and cons, suitable for different occasions. 

You’ll know you’ve hit the expert stage once you feel you’re ready to go out and get a custom DynaVap stem to replace the default one, or when you know exactly which glass piece works best with which vape. 

If all of this sounds familiar to you; then congratulations! You’ve just been diagnosed with Vape Acquisition Syndrome (VAS).

A collection of custom made stems for the DynaVap VapCap

If your hands are just itching to grab one of these beauties, then you know you have VAS.

Should I get a dedicated dry herb vaporizer or an extract vape? Or both?

After you’ve established your vape expertise level, you can concentrate more on the underlying characteristics different vapes have. The first question you’ll have to ask yourself now is “am I more a dry flower or extracts vaper?”. 

Sure, most vaporizers are dual-purpose or hybrid vapes. They allow you to vape both dried cannabis flowers as well as concentrated cannabis extracts like dabs or hash. So, if you aren’t sure which of the two you prefer, go for a hybrid vaporizer, especially if you’re a beginner or intermediate vaper.

But, if you find that you more often than not choose one form of cannabis over the other, you might want to consider going for a device that performs the best with your chosen material. 

Flavour or effective vapour clouds? What’s more important to you?

The next question you should ask yourself is what’s more important to you; flavour or thick vapour clouds? Some vaporizers, like the DynaVap VapCaps or the Tinymight, are specifically engineered to preserve as much of your weed’s terpene profile as possible. 

While other vapes, like Dreamwood’s Glow 14 and Glow 18, are more geared towards producing thick clouds of vapour that hits like a ton of bricks and gives you the full effect of whatever strain you’re vaping. 

Should I go for a portable or desktop vaporizer?

Most vapes are portable, but if you know you will mostly be vaping at home, it might be worth looking into a desktop vaporizer. Why? Because there is something to be said for faster and more powerful heating systems, and that is exactly what most tabletop or home vaporizers bring to the table (pun intended). 

Desktop vapes each have their own versatility. The Volcano Hybrid, for instance, gives you the option to inhale the vapour from a balloon or via a tube, much like a hookah. It also heats up super fast and can handle more ground material in one session, due to the large filling chamber.     

Should I go for an on-demand or session vaporizer? 

Are you a vaper who likes to take one hit, on-demand, then put the vape down and come back to it a few minutes later? Or do you want a full, non-stop session, like you did when you were still smoking joints in one go? If you have a clear answer to that question, then you have choices. 

  • If you’re in favour of on-demand vaping you can look into the DynaVap or Dreamwood collection.
  • But, if session-vaping is more your style, then Storz & Bickel or PAXLabs may have what you’re looking for. 
  • And if you don’t want to make that choice at all, then you can go for a Tinymight, which has both an on-demand as well as a session-mode.
The light Padouk wooden version of the Dreamwood/Dispensr DynaVap VapCap stem

The Tinymight has the best of both worlds: on-demand AND a session-mode

Price/quality ratio for vaporizers

Normally I’d also be talking about the importance of the price/quality ratio when looking for your first or next vaporizer. Very important stuff! There’s nothing more frustrating than a sub-par vaping experience because you skimped on quality in order to save a few bucks.

But, the thing is; there are no sub-par vaporizers to be found on Dispensr! And I’m not saying that because they’re paying me for this article. No, in all my years working in the vaporizer industry I’ve seen a lot of cheap and mediocre vapes pass by, but none of them are on this site! Dispensr makes it a point to only sell vaporizers they’d want to use themselves.


Whether you’re a complete vaping-noob or already well on your way to becoming a seasoned vaping-pro, I hope these tips will help you find the perfect vaporizer that matches your vaping needs and preferences. 

If so, please let us know in the comments below or on Dispensr’s social media channels. Or maybe you want to let us know which vape was the one that sparked your VAS?  

Peace out & vape on!


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