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Can CBD flower / extract make you fail a drug test?
It’s not guaranteed that you’ll fail, yet it is best to assume that it could lead to a fail. There is a chance that a drug test that is looking for cannabinoids could be failed if CBD has been consumed.

Do CBD flower / extract get you high?
The shortest answer is NO. CBD is not a cannabinoid that affects judgement or makes people feel ‘high’.

How does CBD flower / extract make you feel?
Vaping CBD flower allows you to absorb many more of cannabinoids in the plant (see CBN, CBG, among others).

Vaping or injesting CBD extract in it’s purified form means that you are absorbing a much more concentrated amount of CBD than vaping flower. Yet it really depends on the amount and concentration of CBD you intake. So take it slow and build up.

Can you vape CBD flower / extract?
Absolutely! In fact, we believe vaping CBD flower is the best way to get a broad spectrum of natural cannabinoids into your endocannabinoid system.

Our CBD extracts & other CBD crystal forms can be dabbed or vaped for easiest consumption. Vaping has been proven to be one of the most efficient methods of CBD intake. CBD extracts can also be eaten, taken sublingually (under the tongue), or added to food & drinks if that is easier for you.

Is CBD flower / extract safe?
We test all of our CBD extracts and provide the lab results. If used correctly and from quality tested sources, CBD extracts are considered safe.

Are CBD flower / extract indica or sativa?
Most strains are a hybrid these days. According to Robert C Clark, his research states that the question itself might not be valid when understanding strain types.

Do I need a special vaporizer for CBD extracts?
In principle no, yet some vaporizers may need a special adapter or some organic hemp to use as a wick, as extracts go through a liquid stage during heating before turning to vapor.

A Vapcap can use a Dynacoil. Alternatively, you can use a hemp or cotton wick. Another option is to use hemp flower as a wick and just sandwich the crystal between two layers of dried flower material. Works great for us!

Can I use CBD extracts any other way?
You can cook with CBD extracts, make nice coffee drinks, eat it pure, or sprinkle it on your favourite meal.

How do I store my CBD flower / extract?
A cool, dry & dark cupboard is the best storage place for CBD extracts. Another option is the top shelf or top of the door since they are the warmest part of the refrigerator. Our glass jar is good for storing your CBD extracts, yet with CBD flower a humidity pack can help maintain a good balance of humidity while retaining its great flavour. See packaging storage instructions for more details.

Are CBD flower / extracts legal?
According to Dutch law, CBD products containing less than < 0.2% THC are legal in the Netherlands. This amount varies from country to country (e.g. 0.6% in Italy). All of our products are tested and approved within the legal limits of EU and Dutch law. Feel free to have fun!

Will my package be discreet?
All of our packages are plain & unmarked with no need for a signature unless chosen as a delivery option. Just fast, discreet and direct to your door via the relevant shipping company or regional postal service.

Are my details secure & private?
We use industry standard encryption for our website & payment system. Your password is always private and we do not have access to it. We do not sell your information to anyone for any reason. You can read our privacy policy here.

My delivery has not arrived/is late, what should I do?
The COVID-19 pandemichas created regional shipping delays that vary per region and change regularly. Please keep this in mind when ordering. We recommend you opt for track & trace delivery when available.

After your purchase, you will receive an email with a track & trace code. When your location is outside of the Netherlands, this may be transferred to a local postal service. Please be advised. If your track & trace code has failed or is no longer available, please contact us via our Contact page.

I need to return my purchase, what’s next?
In order to return a product, you must have a Returns Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) Number from our Customer Service Team. Any unsolicited or unauthorised returns without a RMA number sent to us will be disposed of. Returns MUST be received within 10 working days of the RMA Number being issued. If an item is not returned within this time frame, we will no longer be able to accept it. See Warranties & Returns for the specifics.

I need to exchange my purchase, what’s next?
If you ordered the wrong product, we can exchange it as long as it is safely returned to us unopened and unused within 14 days of receipt. We do require that you pay for the return postage and packaging. Please contact customer services and request an RMA Number to ensure a speedy turn-around. See Warranties & Returns for the specifics.

I have an payment issue, what’s next?
If you have an incorrect charge, stolen credit card, etc… please contact us via our Contact page.

I see you give away free vaporizers, how does that work?
We give away vapes and more to our fans and customers regularly if they are signed up for our newsletter. Feel free to sign up on the homepage for a chance to win!


How are the devices made?
All of our devices are hand made by Dreamwood in Germany. They use the highest quality woods and great blass blown in the E.U.

How does a Punch work?
Your new Dreamwood comes with everything you need for immediate use, except for butane. Simply pull the Dreamwood apart gently undoing the magnetic connection, fill the chamber with your material, reassemble the Dreamwood, and you're ready to go.

Fill the included lighter with the best-quality butane gas, make the flame size approximately 3-4 cm, and hold the jet flame slightly above the air intake.

Enjoy the cool convection, wonderfully tasty vapor. If disassembly is necessary, place O-rings into the prepared holes in the wood before the stems for best airtight seal.

How does a Glow work?
The glow is designed to work with almost all standard 510 battery mods that many people own for juice vaporizers. It uses these standard coils to generate heat to allow for convection vaporisation.

Your new Glow comes ready for immediate use, except for the battery mod. Simply pull the Glow body and mouthpiece apart gently breaking the magnetic connection, lightly fill the chamber with your chosen material, put the Glow back together, and you're ready to vape. Enjoy the super smooth and incredibly tasty convection vapor.

First use
Screw your Glow vaporizer to the battery mod, & set 30-35 watts of power. Pull the mouthpiece out of the top. Then press the fire button on the battery mod until the heating wires glow, briefly blow in to cool down and repeat.

The heating wires must glow evenly! Otherwise, the heating wires must be aligned, for this, the top part must be removed from the base.


Can I repair my Glow?
First, switch off the battery mod. Never touch the heater when the battery mod is on. RISK OF INJURY!

Changing Heating Coils: The heating wire can be changed as desired. To do this, switch off the battery mod and remove the upper part from the base as described. Loosen the screws and remove the wires. Then insert new heating wires, screw and align.

The wires must only touch the screws on the + and - pole, nothing else! Switch on the battery mod and briefly heat the heating wire at 30-40 watts to check whether the wires glow evenly.

If this is not the case, please check the screw connection again and align the wires. Then put the top back on, done. If you change to other than the delivered coils, Please slowly increase the wattage and test until vapor comes to find the right temperature and not to burn the herbs.

My coil glow is uneven.
When pulling off the upper part, slightly wiggle it and turn it. Then check the heating wires. These must be firmly screwed on and must not touch anything except the screwing points at the + and - pole.

Align and fix the heater wires if necessary, then switch on the battery mod and let the heating wires glow briefly at 40 watts to check whether they are now evenly glowing. Switch off the battery mod again and put on the upper part carefully.

Important note : Please treat the inner rim of the cover with some woodwax to assemble the parts without damaging the o-rings.

Is it safe to repair my Glow?
This vaporizer requires some experience with electronics, if you have any problems please contact us!

~ The heating wires must be the same length! We do not recommend using heating wires below 0.15 ohm, as this puts too much stress on the battery cells! (2x0,3ohm = 0,15ohm)
~ Quality batteries with min. 30A to be used!
~ Never touch the glowing heating wire and never press the fire button when touching the heating wire! RISK OF INJURY!
~ A battery carrier with a 18650 battery is sufficient for about 10 herbal loads, a battery mod with 2x 18650 batteries is enough to evaporate about 20 fillings.
~ Concentrates can be wrapped in organic cotton / hemp wool or sprinkled on herbs to evaporate them.
~ Use and repair at your own risk!

Vaporizer wood care
As well as the usual maintenance for everyday use such as cleaning of debris and build up, the wood will also need to be looked after to ensure that your products lives a long life. Dreamwood products ship with a wood butter to allow for the care of your chosen dreamed vaporizers. Looking after the wood will ensure that your vaporiser lasts a long time and will always perform optimally as well as looking its best.

Non-electronic aromatherapy device? How does it work?
DynaVap devices require no batteries or electronics to work. They utilise any heat source, such as a butane torch lighter, to heat a temperature indicating cap on a conduction/convection chamber.

How to tighten / loosen the cap?
When cool, remove the cap from your device. If your cap is loose, gently squeeze / pinch the Cap between your thumb and forefinger on the middle of the logo and behind it. Start with light pressure and build it up as needed until the Cap fits perfectly on your device. If your Cap is tight, rotate the Cap 90º and squeeze with light pressure on either side of the logo until it fits your device perfectly.

What are the different components of each device?
From end to end : The Cap, Tip, Midsection, Condenser & Mouthpiece.

I lost my set of instructions, where can I get a new copy?
Here is the pdf online. Have a look at the compatibility chart for our modular devices as well.

Titanium vs. Stainless Steel?
DynaVap offers only the best materials for their products and customers can compare metals when buying tips, condensers, and screens. The titanium components are all Grade 2 titanium and the stainless steel components are medical grade stainless steel.

Titanium is lighter weight and three to four times stronger, offering optimal durability and lifespan. However, stainless steel is cost effective and more scratch-resistant. Titanium tips offer a faster heat up time and distribute heat more evenly than the stainless steel counterpart. In addition, the titanium tips have three adjustable screen positions and have a titanium screen, while the stainless steel tips only offer one position and have a stainless steel screen.

Both the titanium tips and the stainless steel tips are compatible with most DynaVap components, with the exception that stainless steel tips do not function properly with the Omni condenser assembly.

How do I heat the Cap?
We recommend that you use a butane torch lighter for optimal results. To ensure even heating, apply the heat to the cap, away from the end, and rotate the device steadily until you hear/feel a click. Directly heating the end of the cap will cause it to click prematurely, causing reduced vaporisation.

Do not apply heat past the click. Overheating will permanently damage the cap. With a torch lighter and a titanium tip, the typical heat-up phase takes 3-6 seconds and remains at vapor production temperature until the cool down click about 30 seconds later. After the cool down click, it is safe to begin another heating cycle. When using a soft flame lighter, the heat-up phase takes about 15 seconds. The stainless steel tip requires a longer heat-up time than the titanium tip.

What is the function of a condenser?
The condenser tube serves as a heat exchanger to condense and cool the vapor as it travels through the device. In addition, the condenser tube provides an easy to clean component for vapor to travel and keep your midsection material clean from residue.

Standard vs XL condenser?
The XL condenser is 17mm longer than the standard condenser. There is not a functional difference between a standard and XL condenser, nor does it noticeably alter the vapor temperature. The size difference is purely personal preference.

Body vs Stem Midsection?
A ‘body’ is 45mm long while a “stem’ is 62mm long. Please see DynaVap’s compatibility chart (at the bottom of their FAQ page) for more details.

How to clean my device?
All non-wood components are dishwasher safe. Most components of the device can be disassembled by pulling apart. The OmniVap condenser threads into the mouthpiece. Glass and metal parts may be soaked in hot water or a cleaning solution of your choice.

Do NOT clean wood with alcohol or other flammable liquids. Doing so may damage the condenser quad rings and any wood components. We suggest using a wood wax/butter (DynaWax) to maintain the polish on the wood as well as lubricating the o-rings for reassembly. Reassemble components to match the original assembly. When re-inserting, push pieces of the device together, adding lubricant and a slight twist to ease rubber o-rings in place.

To remove scorch marks and soot from the stainless steel cap, wash the cap with warm water and apply any of the following suggestions: metal polish, steel wool or a baking soda & vinegar mix.

Scorch marks are part of the normal use patina, yet to prevent soot buildup when using a soft flame lighter, keep the cap deep in the blue part of the flame and minimise the amount of yellow flame. This will avoid the soot causing yellow flame contacting the Cap, as well as provide a more even heat distribution around the cap.

Useful videos : How the VapCap works | Advanced heating tipsCleaning your VapCap

PAX 3 heats in as little as 15 seconds. PAX 3's use of lip and motion sensing automatically cool and boost oven temperatures offering significant performance over other conduction vaporizers that only hold the heater at one consistent temperature.

Auto-cooling preserves your material when you're not drawing from the device. Lip presence gives a quick temperature boost to ensure consistent vapor production during back-to-back draws from the device.

PAX 3 features four temperature ranges that are adjustable through the device interface, using the ON / OFF button. Hold the button for 1-2 seconds when the device is on to enter temp set mode. Use short button presses to cycle through temperature selections. Hold the button for 1-2 seconds or shake the device to exit temp set mode.

Celcius: Low: 182, Med-Low: 193, Med-High: 205, High: 215

When PAX 3 is connected to the app, the full temperature range from 360 - 420F becomes available in 1 or 5 degree increments, giving you a 5th customisable temperature setting in addition to the 4 default settings available through the device interface only.

Battery Specs and Charging
PAX 3 comes with a rechargeable 3500mAh Lithium-ion battery and on a full charge lasts approximately 8-10 sessions.

Charge time via USB: 2.5 hours.
Charge time via PAX AC Adapter: 90 min.
A full battery charge is indicated by 4 solid white petals.
A fully discharged battery is indicated by the top left petal blinking red 3 times.

Please Note: Portable electronics containing Lithium Ion batteries present rare, but potentially serious safety hazards, especially under hot or cold conditions. Charging of the PAX device should only be performed at temperatures between 50°F and 95°F (10°C and 35°C). To ensure personal and property safety, never charge your PAX device below 50°F (10°C) or above 95°F (35°C). Never charge or leave your PAX device in a vehicle.

Changing App Temperature
Swipe left or right on the colored circle showing your current temperature setting to decrease or increase your temperature setting in 5ºF increments. Swipe up and down on your temperature selection for fine, 1ºF adjustments.

For more information, see PAX FAQ

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We accept ApplePay through your enabled iPhone for your convenience.

If you are outside of this area or do not have an available card, we also accept direct bank transfers. Please add the order number as a note in your payment so your products can be processed and shipped to you quickly.

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When in the Hilversum (NL) area, feel free to stop by Coffeeshop de Leeuw (the Lion) to purchase in cash. Please note that a limited supply of products are available here.

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In general, you can imagine the CRAFTY as the MIGHTY’s little brother. For a detailed listing of the different characteristics, click here.

How is the vapor created?
The MIGHTY, as well as the CRAFTY and the PLENTY, functions with a patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction so that the air is already heated when it flows into the heated-up Filling Chamber and ensures an immediate and continuous vaporizing. The additional benefit of the heated Filling Chamber is that the material to be vaporized is already heated up and vaporization takes place on the first draw.

Can I use the MIGHTY while charging?
Yes. If the MIGHTY is operated while plugged in, the batteries will be bypassed. Therefore, the MIGHTY can be used even with completely drained batteries, if it is plugged in and switched on.

How do I take proper care of the batteries?
You should store the MIGHTY at standard ambient temperature approx. 20°C, no frost, no direct sunlight, and keep it dry. If the device is not used for a longer time, you should store it at a battery capacity of between 20-80%.

When using the MIGHTY it is best to drain the batteries until about 20% capacity, which is one battery bar and then recharge them fully. From time to time, it makes sense to drain them all the way and then recharge them fully; this will adjust the battery capacity and keep the battery gauge correct.

What materials are used in the MIGHTY?
We have applied the maximum possible care and diligence in all our materials used. All materials are food-safe, heat-resistant, and according to FDA regulations.

How do I exchange the lower Screen?
Remove the lower Filling Chamber Screen out of the Filling Chamber by using a pair of tweezers or a pair of pointed pliers. Insert a new screen and take care that the edges of the screen lock in place into the groove provided.

For more information please see the Storz & Bickel product pages : MIGHTY & CRAFTY

How to clean
The glass tube and cooling unit within, and sometimes also the stainless steel mesh that protects the heater can use a cleaning from time to time. The glass tube with cooling unit can be rinsed with hot water and detergent, or submerged in solvent such as isopropyl alcohol. The internal parts are easily removed by opening a threaded ring in the front panel, and the parts slide out easily.

Tinymight has an adjustable chamber volume, and it works very well with the tiniest amounts of herb as well as greater amounts too.

The standard package of Tinymight includes one Sony VTC6 18650 battery.

Session vs on-demand vape
Tinymight has two usage modes. In ‘session’ mode, the vape heats up automatically and stays at a stable temperature level until turned off. In ‘on-demand’ mode, the vape heats up when the button is held pressed, and when button is released it goes back to standby.

Battery charge time
It takes about one and half hours to charge from empty to 90%.

Temperature control
Tinymight has an adjustable temperature dial on the bottom panel. It has 10 steps with half steps in between, so a total of about 20 different temperature settings are available between the range of 120º - 240º Celsius. It is fully temperature controlled with extremely accurate electronics controlling the heater in real time.

Changing the max. / min. temperature settings
Tinymight allows users to customise the temperature range if the default one is not ideal. Email them for instructions :

Sound & vibration
The heater of Tinymight makes some noise while active. It is a result of the high surface area and low mass of the high powered heater. Switching of current to the heater causes small vibrations that can be heard.

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