No, you’re not dreaming. Our deals are real.


Dispensr’s deals seem ‘too good to be true’.

Is Dispensr real? Yes we are, Established 01 Oct 2020.

We offer incredible deals which means amazing opportunities for the vaping community.

Some customers have shown amazement at the deals we are offering and wondering if we are for real. Well let me assure you we are most definitely for real.

We are investing our resources into the vaping community rather than the usual route of marketing and advertising. This approach allows us to offer incredible and yes, sometimes almost unbelievable deals.

If you are looking for ways to confirm who we are there are some simple ways to do so below.

The Top 5 ways to confirm our existence

1 : Planet of the Vapes posted our deals LINK,

they only showcase the Best of the Best right?

2 ~ Vapor Asylum forum sponsorship LINK,

join in the conversation, you’ll see we’re real 😉

3 ~ TrustPilot reviews & ranking LINK,

were growing! Support us with a review

4 ~ Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration LINK, Check!
5 ~ Listen to our community of happy loyal customers,

most are IG stories, yet were saving them as we see them! Simply open in a new tab for full size 😉

vape winners 7
vape winners 5
dabbers deals 1
vape winner 3
vape winner 2
vape winner 1
vape winner 6
Coming soon : ZenDesk reviews & ranking

They require us to first have 100 ratings in the chat, then we are allowed to go public. Some thigns are worth waiting for 😉 So keeping asking us questions! Happy customers is the name of our game!

Our customer service is available from 07:00 to 23:00 everyday and we are very proud of our fast (mostly same-day) shipping as well.

When there’s anything else you need confirmation wise, feel free to get in touch, our customer service is standing by.

Vape on!


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