Now available! Exclusive, Limited Edition Wooden VapCap stems by Dreamwood and Dispensr

Customise your VapCap vaping experience with these handcrafted DynaVap midsections

By Herbert M. Green

Great news everybody! We got master wood crafter Stefan at Dreamwood to create a small batch of custom, handcrafted stems (i.e. the middle part, or ‘midsection’) for the VapCap, exclusively for Dispensr customers!

And you better check them out fast because these are limited editions and expected to sell like hotcakes. So, get them while you can, as they might not come back anytime soon.  

Why would I want to buy a custom stem for my VapCap? 

That is the ultimate question, isn’t it? It’s the first question I asked myself as well. I didn’t see the need, to be honest. The original DynaVap vaporizers are, in my opinion, the best vaporizers on the market, so why would I want to customise that experience? 

This was my line of thinking until I tried my first custom stem, the BB9. I was genuinely amazed by how different the hit felt. I could immediately feel the difference in airflow and how the glass impacted the flavour of the vapour.

DynaVap BB9 glass accessory

The DynaVap BB9 glass extension stem 

Note that I wrote different and not better. That is because custom stems aren’t about making the experience better, it’s about having the ability to change the characteristics of that experience. It’s about experimenting with different materials and stem lengths or airflow mechanics until you find the combination that fits your personal preference.   

Thanks to master crafters like Simrell, Joe King, KGWoodcrafts and Ed’s TnT you have the opportunity to do just that; to mix and match different components and materials to find your perfect setup.

A collection of custom made stems for the DynaVap VapCap

A selection of awesome custom made stems on the market: (FLTR) Simrell, Ed's TnT, Joe King, and KGWoodcrafts 

Why should I get a wooden VapCap stem from Dreamwood? 

Well, first off, they look fantastic. Both the Grenadilla / African Blackwood and the lighter Padouk wood versions have a sleek, minimalistic design and exceptional finish.

The light Padouk wooden version of the Dreamwood/Dispensr DynaVap VapCap stem

The light Padouk wooden version of the Dreamwood/Dispensr DynaVap VapCap stem

Secondly, the thickness and weight of these custom-made stems give the handling of the VapCap more heft. It feels more like you’re holding a cigar, yet somehow lighter than holding a default VapCap. 

Thirdly, this stem doesn’t have a condenser* or carb hole**, like the original VapCaps have, which alters the airflow to a more direct, unrestricted current that offers less draw resistance and thicker vapour.   

Lastly, the wood itself adds its own flavour characteristic to the vapour. 

As my good friend David and fellow vape-nerd once said about the wooden stems by Dreamwood: “I would say that it had a direct effect on flavour, in the same way curing whiskey in old oak barrels does.” 

Have you tried the exclusive wooden Dreamwood/Dispensr stems yet? What did you think? Or do you have experience with any of the other custom stems out there? Let us know in the comments below or drop us a line on our social media channels. 

Peace out and vape on!

Herbert M. Green

* Condenser: The inner part of any DynaVap VapCap that alters the airflow and helps to condense the vapour before inhaling. 

** Carb hole: A hole placed on the side of a pipe or bong. A finger is placed over it while taking a hit and released just before the user is done inhaling for the purpose of clearing the smoke from the chamber of the device.

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