Our environmental commitment

Dispensr is committed to the continual improvement of our processes and procedures that have an impact on the environment.

To enable us to minimise any environmental impact and to uphold our commitment to ISO 14001 we shall:

~ Comply with any applicable legal requirements as well as the requirements set out by ISO 14001
~ To monitor our resources and technologies to enable us for us to prevent excess pollution and reduce waste therefore minimising the risk of any potential negative effects on the environment
~ Educate, train and motivate staff to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner
~ Encourage environmental protection among our suppliers and all interested parties
~ Regularly review company objectives and targets to encourage ongoing environmental improvements

Dispensr is committed to continually Improving our environmental performance. This policy will be communicated to all staff, suppliers, any interested parties and will also be available to the public via our website.

Our Directors have the overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy and this is regularly reviewed at management meetings.

11 Oct 2020