How do vaporizers work?


Before we get into the science of how vaporizers work, let’s get our vaporizer definition straight.

A vaping device that uses heat to sublimate essential oils and other molecules and compounds without combustion.

In laymen's terms : Vaporizers allow you to breathe in what the Earth has so generously grown for us to injoy.

How to get the best flavour & vaping experience with your dry herbs or extracts

There are 2 main forms of vaporisation for vapers: conduction & convection. Very often a combination of the two are used, as the bowl that contains any material will get hot over time and possibly reach the same temperature as the air around you. At that point, the material is hot enough to ‘bake’ and ‘vaporise’.

Even a true convection vape, like the Dutch invention from Evert, ‘de Verdamper’ can get a heated bowl after long use.

Interestingly enough, induction is not a method of vaporisation but a method of creating heat via magnetic induction. The heat source is used to vaporise the material in either a conductive oven or a convection system.

Products like the MIGHTY, PAX, etc… generally have an oven which stores the material and a heating element that is climbing to the correct temperature. While this element may not be directly heating the chamber (MIGHTY), the oven will heat up during use, by drawing the hot air over the chosen natural material.

The conduction oven uses a method of heating an oven until the air being drawn in is over the heated material, drawing the vapor to the consumer.

Personally, I have found that a good conduction vape is great for outdoor walks, popping to someones house or generally on-the-go.

A great convection vaporiser (Punch Mini, Glow, or Cloud Evo) tends to be most enjoyable to us when in your favourite most comfortable sesh spot.

How to find the right vaporizer for me

The reason why so many people have VAS (Vape Acquisition Syndrome) is because vapes behave differently and have different effects and flavour profiles. Therefore, vapers tend to build an arsenal of vapes that are suitable for situations.

To find out more, feel free to stop by our shop-in-shops to try out a vape you’re curious about. Dig into out in-depth reviews & guides. Get in touch with us in the comments below or in the chat for realtime support. Or even watch vaporiser reviews to guide your decision to your best experience.

Whether you want a vape pen or a handheld vaporizer, like a DynaVap or MIGHTY, or a table top like a Herborizer or Cloud Evo from Vapexhale, check out the shop to find what vaporizer desktop or portable best suits you.

May you find the best vaporiser for you! And good luck with the VAS!

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  1. Kristian Golé
    9 July 2021

    Dopo aver preso il Solo 2 e il Dynavap (su sono molto convinto che il mio vaporizzatore ideale è il Tinymight.
    Quando vi sarà disponibile potete avvisarmi? Lo prenderei volentieri dal vostro store.
    Grazie e continuate così, vi sto facendo molta pubblicità.


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