How to Clean Your Vaporizer


Every good vaper knows how flavourful vaping is.

Yet when your vaporiser isn’t kept in tip-top shape, that experience can go sour really quick. So here’s a few tips on how to keep vaping with the best of them.

Why is cleaning your vaporiser needed?

Vaporisers sublimate essential oils from the relevant plant material and that oil vapor can be inhaled via the air path and into the lungs. When hot or warm oil is vaporised, it will cool back down into oil on cooler surfaces, like in the vapor air path for example. Over time, residue will build up and can clog up your favourite vaporiser, decreasing its function & fun.

Cleaning dry herb vaporisers & extract pens

Cleaning & maintaining a dry herb vape can take a bit longer than an extracts pen, since the material used can also have a more direct effect on the unit. Large amounts of extract in a pen can cause a blockage if not treated correctly.

First, disassemble you herbal vaporiser. Making sure you have a nice clean space around you so you don’t lose any of the tiny bits can be very helpful. This will also give you a chance to get familiar with all the different part of your vaporiser, from the battery (if that applies) to the heating chamber, oven, mouthpiece, etc.

Empty out any cannabis left over from the last sesh by either digging it up with a tool or tapping it out gently. Using a small container to grab any extras to save for later is also a great tip since if a small screen is attached, it could pop out and it will save you digging through the trash to find it or even going online to find a new one.

By using a small cleaning brush, you can remove any stuck particles from the side of the heating chamber and screen.

Using high grade cleaning alcohol (99% Iso or ethanol) on the exterior & mouth pieces of your vaporiser with a cottonball or cloth can work wonders. Simply avoid using alcohol or water on the heating elements to avoid damaging any critical wiring inside your device.

Inspect the battery with care and wipe away any debris so you can maintain a great connection.

Thoroughly wash and dry your vaporiser before your next use and reassemble your vaporiser.

Now that all the airways have been freed, an easy flow of heated air can create the best and thickest vapor once again. We’re back to the fun part!

Good vaporiser maintenance practices are essential

We recommend cleaning your vaporiser once a week depending on your daily or weekly usage, yet your preferences and tastebuds will tell you when the time is right.

Set yourself a maintenance day if you’ve got a big collection / or have VAS (Vape Acquisition Syndrome), and understand the various aspects of your chosen vaporiser that can be and need to be cleaned.

Be sure to check your user’s manual for your vaporiser maintenance specifics before cleaning.

It can be quite a cathartic way of caring for your products and making sure they stay functioning for as long as they possibly can.

Time spent caring for your vaporisers means you will injoy a longer lasting, better tasting vaporising experience. So why not get them out right now and have at it!

Mischievously yours,

Dabber the Adder

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