Introducing: La Mixette herb mixing cup

The herb loading tray that fits in the palm of your hand

By Dabber The Adder

Are you still grinding, mixing and loading your herb into your vaporizer by hand? Do you still put nugs on dirty tables or surfaces? Not anymore! Now you’ll have a clean surface to grind and mix your herb while having a very convenient loading tool all-in-one.   

A crucial tool in the kit for serious vapers

The Mixette is one of those products you didn’t know you needed until you got your hands on one and tried it for a couple of days. It might look like a simple, 8 cm diameter piece of cupped leather (which it is), but its versatility is vast. 

First off, it’s a hand-sized, mini rolling and herb mixing tray that offers you a clean surface wherever you go. Never again will your herb contain dust, crumbs or pet hairs when prepping it using La Mixette. 

Secondly, it is the ultimate little loading tool for most, if not all vaporizers. Once you’re done crumbling and/or mixing your herb, you just fold the tray in half (yes, that’s why it’s made out of leather) between your thumb and fingers while tapping the side with your index finger. Because of the smooth leather surface of the Mixette, the herb slides right off and allows every little crumb to go exactly where you want it to go. 

The most portable little rolling tray you’ll ever buy 

Another cool thing about the Mixette is that it is small, which means it fits in every vape kit and you can take it with you everywhere you go. It’s flexible enough to fold and can be stuffed in that last cranny of space in your vape pouch.

Have you tried La Mixette yet? If so, tell us all how much you love it with a comment below or on any of our social media channels. 

Signing off, 

Dabber The Adder

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