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The daab, Induction powered dab rig

The daab e-rig from Ispire is a new and fun device is from the company that brought you the ever popular Wand induction heater.

If you know The Wand which is famous for being able to be both an induction heater for DynaVap models or a flame free dab device using induction and special metal lined glass bowls.

That same team from Ispire have now taken this technology to the next level by creating their own induction powered dab vape system, a unique way of dabbing that differs from the standard ceramic pen style bowl used in other portable dab devices.

With a clever metal lined extracts bowl they have put their induction heaters to good use for the perfect dab and give users the ability to dial in any temperature they want as well as thought about how to keep the mechanics working and easy to clean for any level of use.

With the built in reclaim collector and easy air flow its can keep running without blockages or getting clogged up with old oil residue, this has the added benefit of being exceptionally easy to clean.

To maintain the daab for and during a sesh, keep some cotton buds (like the ones provided) or some alcohol wipes handy and once the initial heat has subsided (maybe 30-40 seconds after shut off) then clean the inside of the bowl and once clean a small burn off will ensure your next dab will be tasty and not landing on top of your last one.

The daab from ispire

Using the daab

Here at Dispensr our favorite way to use the daab is to first wipe my bowl clean with an alcohol wipe then do a short burn of by holding the button until I see its clean and also slightly pre heated.

Then using the ceramic spoon provided add a nice little portion into the bowl and hit the button twice to enter automatic heating.

After a few seconds and before it even buzzes to let you know that it has reached full temperature, I start a slow easy draw to get all those volatile terpenes and vapor, after a short exhale as the vape comes to temperature and lets me know its ready I draw slowly to finish the dab.

The 2nd hit is a thick and milky rich dab as the daab has now reached full temperature and the last of what’s in the chamber evaporates.

This is a really tasty way to use your extracts and you can choose for low temp flavorful hits very easily as well as those hot and hurty rips when seshing with the group.

A medium steady draw is what gets you the absolute best results with this easy to use, easy to maintain and powerful little dab rig. Once you get your inhale speed down you will taste the difference and feel it too.

Video: daab function



Changeable 18650 batteries

We highly recommend getting your hands on a daab and upping your mobile and torch-less dab game today.

This things comes ready to go, with 2 rechargeable and replaceable 18650’s a Protective carry case, 2 bowls as well as a tool plus cleaning kit grab your extracts, charge your device and you are ready to go.

So if you are in need of super tasty dabs without the need for a torch then this is the device for you.

USB charging built into the device but with removeable 18650’s you can use many of the available fast chargers out there and of course take extra batteries with you when you heading off for a long sesh, it will even charge from a portable battery.




The daab
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