2020 ‘M’ AzuriuM


The blue thermal canvas: AzuriuM.

While the blue color is delicate, it is also alluring. Upon exceeding normal operating temperatures, its hidden superpower emerges! Like a paintbrush in the hands of an artist, your torch can summon a spectrum of photonic wavelengths.

Who wouldn’t want to see that? Get yours now!

2020 ‘M’ updates include:

– Faceted tip with airflow serrations and adjust-a-bowl feature
– Chiral airports for calibrated air injection [pronounced kai-ral]
– 10mm tapered mouthpiece – mates with most 10mm female glass fittings
– Enhanced tactile grip
– Improved condenser alignment
– New captive cap functional geometry
– 100% recyclable packaging

Official video tutorials : Assembly | How to use the VapCap | 2020 M playlist

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