2020 VapCap ‘M’

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Introducing the latest iteration of the VapCap ‘M’ by DynaVap. Finally released from the VapLab with some exciting upgrades for this year.

The 2020 ‘M’, still constructed from medical grade stainless steel, now features the Captive Cap functional geometry, faceted tip with airflow serrations, adjust-a-bowl technology to reduce the extraction chamber by 50% for easy micro-dosing, chiral airports for calibrated high turbulence air injection, and a 10mm tapered mouthpiece.

This VapCap is shipped in 100% recyclable cardboard package that is also very pocket friendly.

The ‘M’ is equipped with DynaVap’s patented temperature indicating cap. It is also modular and compatible with other DynaVap products and components.

2020 ‘M’ updates include:

– Faceted tip with airflow serrations and adjust-a-bowl feature
– Chiral airports for calibrated air injection [pronounced kai-ral]
– 10mm tapered mouthpiece – mates with most 10mm female glass fittings
– Enhanced tactile grip
– Improved condenser alignment
– New captive cap functional geometry
– 100% recyclable packaging

Official video tutorials : Assembly | How to use the VapCap | 2020 M playlist

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Additional information

Weight 36 g
Dimensions 92 × 10 × 10 mm

2 reviews for 2020 VapCap ‘M’

  1. Katja Jacobs

    Where other vaporizers use battery for heating, here you can use fire (or induction). I love the ritual of heating up with fire and this extra step also makes it a grounding experience for me where I connect to Mother Earth and receive the lessons from her plant medicine. This is actually a true shamanic tool! Love the product.

  2. Maarten Siemeling

    After the 18 and 19 this new model totally rocks as well. Really love the bigger airflow and works like a charm on a bubbler.
    The new captive cap does a good job as well, when you cover the dual airport you still can get some air treu it by the cap and works good for the clouded milky hits.
    Overall I’m very pleased with it

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