2021 Omni Starter Pack (Custom)

 261.00 369.00

Buy from the only European shop that allows you to customise your 2021 Omni Starter Pack. INJOY!

New ‘Omni’ features
~ Twin-turbulating airports
~ 9 fin tip profile
~ Nona crown
~ Fully-contoured extraction chamber
~ Enhanced tactile navigation geometry
~ Compound angled rocker
~ Dial indicator condenser adjustment
~ Variable pitch, helical heat exchanging condenser
~ 2-position adjust-a-bowl

Answer : Yes, it’s XL Titanium.

What’s in the Omni Starter Pack : Omni (2021) | DynaStash XL | Lighter (empty) | 5 High-Temp O-Rings | 1 Titanium CCD | DynaWax

Reach Your Peak with DynaVap & Dispensr. You don’t want to miss this.

The 2021 OmniVap Starter Pack offers all the premium DynaVap products a user will need to start with the Omni line.

Recommendation : The routine use of DynaWax to clean and moisturise the wood will keep your DynaStash in pristine condition.

Note : Coloration and/or grain patterns may vary & the lighter delivers empty.

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Tune in to DynaJam 25 March for even more info!

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Official video tutorials : Cleaning & disassembly | Cleaning the CapAssembly


Additional information

DynaStash XL

Maple, Purpleheart, Wenge


Cobra (- €9,00), Cyclone (standard), Legend (+€ 28,00), ICON (+€ 88,00)


Yes (+ € 11,00), No thanks


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