The VonG & Chill


The Steel Pipe and Vong Combo Deal

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This wonderful metal Pipe comes with a double-wall, vacuum insulated, stainless steel base & neckpiece.

The unbreakable aluminum down stem and borosilicate glass bowl completes the piece. Available in stainless steel, standing at 330mm, with an 216mm neckpiece.

Add ice to the base for a cooling effect that will last up to 12 hours. With the ceramic interior easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, it’s low maintenance.

This item pairs with all DynaVap vaporizers & features the latest 2021 VonG.

Retail prices : € 124 VonG + € 133 Chill Pipe


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The VonG & Chill Steel Pipe Deal

An interesting and unique steel bong with removable stem for easy cleaning, this different take on “glassware” for the discerning vaper is a great addition to the arsenal and not just for the vong holders.

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