The Great Galaxy VonG Rig Deal


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Heady glass galaxy dab rig with small bubbler / recycler. Hand-blown borosilicate glass.

Retail Prices:

Retail prices : € 124 VonG + € 70 Galaxy Dab Rig


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The Galaxy Dab Rig plus Vong from DynaVap.

Enhance your vape game with this incredible deal from Dispensr and Dynavap, a beautiful glass rig to vape through for that hydro filter bubbler experience.

The Vong with it’s 14,4 sleek body that fits perfectly into the opening on the Galaxy give you a great way to have both a cooler but also hydrated vape session.

Whether you are using a coil and induction heater for torchless dabs or just vaping your favorite flower through a bubbler this is sure to help you up your game.

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