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The Dobby Vaporizer is the portable vaporizer from Dreamwood. It specialises in keeping your glass parts concealed & protected. The heat intake glass tube can be hidden inside the vaporizer for transport, while the mouthpiece can be slipped inside quickly and easily.

The mouthpieces are one millimeter more in diameter and have a straight design. So it is possible to exchange the different mouthpieces of the Vapopipe and DLX models, to combine them with the Dobby.

The vaporizers are produced in small series and special editions. The V2 comes with a new logo engraving and new types of wood & glass parts.

Dreamwood vaporizers are handcrafted with unique designs from different types of wood in Germany.

Size of the wood body : approx. 25 x 60 x 100 mm

What’s in the box : Dobby Vaporizer, bent heat intake glass tube, mouthpiece glass tube, jet-torch-lighter, stirring tool, walnut woodwax, 3pc. small silicone o-ring, 3pc. big silicone o-ring , 3 flat 16,5mm sieves, bag with tibet pattern

For more detailed usage instructions : see manufacturer website

To learn more, read : Dreamwood: Artisan Convection Vaporizers For Connoisseurs.

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