DynaStash Engraving (Custom)


If you’ve got a great idea you want to hold in your hand, this is your chance!

Order process : Simply add this free gift to your DynaVap DynaStash/FutoStash order, along with engraving instructions in the ‘order notes’, email us a design / link & we will ship it within 10 days.

Wood process : Wood is laser-etched / burned onto flat surface. Lighter finishes show graphic more than dark finishes. No colours possible. High-quality etching possible yet small details may get lost. Results may vary. Etchings on flat backside only. See technical drawing for size & visual details.

Send us : Images, graphics &/or text as 100% PDF via email (preferred). Sending links to hi-resolution images is ok as well.

Please note : No returns on custom items. See qualifying orders below.

Qualifying orders include :
DynaStash : Bubinga | Cedar | Cherry | Walnut | Wenge
DynaStash ER : Wenge
DynaStash XL : Bubinga | Maple | Purpleheart | Walnut | Wenge
SlimStash : African Mahogany | Zebrawood
SlimStash XL : African Mahogany
FutoStash Galaxy Burl XL : Anthracite |  Blue | Green | Red | Yellow

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