DynaStash XL : Bubinga (out-of-stock)


Store your XL or XLS VapCap (109mm) in style with the DynaStash XL. It holds your XL VapCap and vaping material. The DynaStash holds your DynaVap device as well as a reserve of your favourite vaporising material. It also comes with a magnet, so you can keep your device standing upright!

Each one is unique because of the wood grain. The images represent a sample of what your DynaStash can look like.

Includes Integrated magnet to remove the hot cap. Does not come with a tool or a VapCap (XL).

Usage instructions Hold your XL VapCap upright, and store your DynaStash XL attached to any magnetic surface.

Official tutorial videoStash Maintenance | Special Stashes | DynaStashes Live


Out of stock

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