2021 VonG (Ti) : Titanium


This version of the VonG has an interchangeable Titanium (Ti) sleeve. With a variety of interchangeable sleeves coming soon, it’s a ‘must have’ for collectors.

The Ti Tip has an ‘Adjust-a-Bowl’ feature that allows you to adjust the size of the dosing chamber to your needs and is ideal for microdosing.

New Features
~ Full Titanium
~ The most durable VonG
~ 14 & 10mm tapered mouthpiece
~ Eclipsing airport design
~ Comes apart for easy cleaning
~ Smooth rotation for easy-to-control airflow
~ A form fitting profile that fits comfortably in the hand
~ Captive Cap fits any standard DynaStash / SlimStash

Find Your Ground with DynaVap & Dispensr. You don’t want to miss this.


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