Green Galaxy Burl XL FutoStash (DynaVap) SOLD OUT


Futo Galaxy Burl Stashes are other worldly. Using stabilised burl wood & resin cast accents, it creates a cosmic look & feel to the stashes finish.

In this special FutoStash series, each one is unique. Store your XL or XLS VapCap (109mm) in style with the one-of-a-kind FutoStash.

Using a stabilisation process that hardens the burl wood along with dyes, Futo brings out the amazing natural characteristics of the wood to beautiful fruition.

The lids are sanded as seamlessly smooth as possible and fastened snug with a high thread-count screw, so no detail has been spared.

FutoStashes feature a genuine DynaMag, a perfectly spring loaded vape compartment, and a beautiful polished finish.

The ‘wow’ factor is alive & well with these. Which VapCap combination do you like the best? INJOY!


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Model FutoStash XL
Material Stabilised Boxelder Burl
Dimensions (mm) 12,5 H x 5 W x 2 D
Origin Hand-crafted in Canada.

Note Fits all DynaVap models. Vaporizer sold separately.

Includes Integrated magnet to remove the hot cap & a tool to clean out your VapCap.

Usage Hold your (XL) VapCap upright and attach your FutoStash XL to any magnetic surface.

Official tutorial videoStash Maintenance | Special Stashes | DynaStashes Live

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