King Cobra Venom – 72.49% CBD

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Dispensr CBD Extract is concentrated CBD meant for dabbing or vaping. Made from 72,49 % CBD isolate infused with 27.51 % plant-derived terpenes, our shatter is a great way to augment your current vape or dab ritual.

The use of real hemp terpenes & multiple cannabinoids, allows for the ‘entourage effect’ to possibly be experienced (where you have other cannabinoids and terpenes present from the original plant working together).

Cannabinoid profile:
71.21 % CBD
0.74 % CBC
0.28 % CBG
0.26 % CBN
0.15 % THC (Legal EU limit 0.2%)

Ingredients: CBD isolate, plant-derived terpenes. Made from Non-GMO Hemp. No filters, preservatives, solvents, or additives. Gluten, Sugar & Dairy free. 100% Vegan.

Quantity : 1g

Packaging : Protection sticker sealed glass jar (odourless)

Production : In the EU

Independent lab results : available upon request

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Weight 2 g

1 review for King Cobra Venom – 72.49% CBD

  1. Osama Nehme (verified owner)

    Love this CBD extract! I believe the combination of cannabinoids plus terpenes it’s the key factor to boost its beneficial effects and this extract it’s a good example! I used it to help my body recover after hard workouts and also helps me calm down on stressful days. Recommended!

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