GonG Adapter SG (Crafty & Mighty)


This 18,8 / 14,4 mm adapter allows you the freedom to use your Mighty & Crafty vaporizers with a water (pipe) tool.

Simply attach the water tool adapter to your Crafty/Mighty vaporizer, gently twist & lock it in place. The glass adapter will then connect effortlessly to your water tool / pipe of choice.

In the box
1 x GonG Adapter (grind size 18,8 or 14,4 mm) for Crafty and Mighty vaporizers

Usage : Do not force the adapter to lock 100%. Half way will lock the adapter in place enough to injoy. Then simply remove the adapter when finished. This will allow for a smooth use without damaging or causing normal wear & tear.

Warning : Be extra careful while using your Mighty / Crafty along with a water tool / pipe. Water can damage your vaporizer so keep them well apart while in use. Use at your own risk.

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18,8 mm, 14,4 mm


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