VOLCANO Hybrid Vaporizer


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An icon reinvented. The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer has exciting new features, including :
~ Inhalation through the Tube Kit or Valve Balloon.
~ Very fast heating process within 1 – 2 minutes
~ The control panels are integrated in the large display and can be controlled via touch button
~ App control via S&B App for Android (not currently available)
~ High-quality materials and workmanship of the kind you are accustomed to from Storz & Bickelguarantee a long service life.

Time-tested quality
The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer delivers an unmatched vapour production. Due to its pure convection heating, it delivers unprecedented flavour and pure vapour.

The Volcano is assembled in Germany (by hand) with excellent quality. It’s purely electromechanical design & quality materials deliver outstanding durability time & time again.

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What’s in the box
1 x VOLCANO HYBRID Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel
1 x Power Cord (220v, EU plug)
3 x EASY VALVE Balloon with Mouthpiece
1 x EASY VALVE Balloon with Adapter
1 x Tube Kit
1 x Filling Chamber (including: 1 pc. Cap Ring, 1 pc. Normal Screen Set (approx. Ø 30 mm), 1 pc. Drip Pad (approx. Ø 28 x 4 mm), 1 pc. Cleaning Brush)
1 x Air Filter Set
1 x Herb Mill (ca. Ø 55 mm)
1 x Instructions for Use

Specifications Durable Stainless Steel Body, Digital Temperature Control Dial, Made in Germany by Storz & Bickel

Temperature range 130-230º C

Using the Volcano Hybrid
Set the temperature to your preferred level. We recommend starting at 5 and working your way up. Press the heat button to activate the Volcano. Once the center control light goes out you’re ready to go. The Volcano’s loading chamber is accessed by twisting apart the top and bottom section. Load finely ground material evenly over the entire screen for best results. Re-seal the loading chamber and secure it on top of the Volcano with a twist. Place an Easy Valve bag without mouthpiece onto the top of the Filling Chamber and click the Air button to activate the Volcano’s pump. Once your bag is nearly full click the Air button off, remove your bag from the Filling Chamber and press the mouthpiece into the Easy Valve to get that tasty vapour!

Note European plug included. The UK, Ireland, USA & Canada will need an adapter to use.

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Additional information

Weight 2900 g
Dimensions 200 × 180 mm


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