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The Tinymight is a complete portable herbal vaporizer with outstanding power & performance for its compact size. With user safety at the forefront, its design combines ease of use with solid construction from high quality materials and finishes that are easy to maintain while being kind to the environment.

Compact & easy to carry. Fast heating = no waiting. A safe, quality build. Beautiful craftsmanship. Easy to clean with no extra tools. High performance. Great tasting vape. Replaceable Li-ion battery. 10-year warranty. Made in Finland.

Heating technology : Stainless steel 70W
Heat up time : 2-5 seconds
Temperature adjustment : 120-240 degrees Celsius / 250 – 460 F
Battery type : 18650 Li-ion Sony VTC6, replaceable
Charging technology : internal USB charging, 2A
MaterialsSolid oak, Stainless steel, Quartz glass, Aluminum
Vapour cooling : Stainless steel cooling unit
Temperature control : highly accurate regulation, +/- 1º

Out of stock

What’s in the bag?
1 x Tinymight dry herb vaporizer
1 x 55 mm short glass tube
1 x cooling unit
1 x battery Sony VTC6
1 x Instructions manual

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Additional information

Dimensions 56 × 80 mm


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