Vapman : Classic / Basic Set

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Discover the worlds most advanced battery free vaporizer – 100% sustainable handcrafted to perfection, vapman has a unique character, unrivaled efficiency, superior vapor quality and a history marked by knowledge and passion.

Why vapman?
~ class-leading efficiency
~ unrivaled taste & vapor quality
~ easy to use – easy to clean – easy in your pocket
~ handmade with love from the finest natural materials
~ ideal for microdosing & concentrates
~ 100% sustainable

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vapman classic with heat protection
A fine layer of mica [layer mineral] is installed to protect the vapman from carbonisation. The mica is a natural material and absolutely harmless, furthermore, it acts as a heat reflector which increases the efficiency. Basic has no heat protection inside.

What’s in the box
~ vapman classic
~ hemp box
~ carefully selected jet lighter
~ cleaning brush
~ screw driver
~ manual
~ wood box
~ Hemp made pouch
~ filling funnel

Sustainable energy source
Sustainability & durability are essential for vapman, so an ecological energy source was the only option.
Battery operation was out of question, especially because of the poor lifetime of the batteries, as they quickly lose power due to the enormous load and they are not fully recyclable.

The heating chamber
“24k gold plated copper” shaped to perfection, leads to excellent heat conduction and ensures smooth and rapid heating. The built-in brass nozzles on one hand prevent the inhalation of butane gas and on the other hand deliver hot fresh air into the heating chamber.

The grip ring
‘Wood’ is the only material that meets the specific requirements of the vapman. It is heat absorbing, sustainable and absolutely harmless. The sleek design guarantees safe use and comfortable handling. Olive wood meets all the special requirements of the vapman: looks amazing and is native to italy – therefore environmentally friendly.

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Additional information

Heat Protection

Classic (with), Basic (without)


Inox, P.O.M., Titanium, Wood


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