Vapman Inox Sieve


The inner screen area of a vapman (only). Vapman not included.

The custom vapman sieve is a real multi-talent and a must have for all fans of microdosing and concentrates.

Its ultra-tight winding allows the perfect vaporization of any type of concentrates and at the same time prevents the pan and nozzles from getting dirty.

It also allows for even vaporization of minimal doses of down to 0.001g, making vapman the king of microdosing.

Vapman has proven over the years to be the best vaporizer for concentrates.

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Discover the worlds most advanced battery free vaporizer – 100% sustainable handcrafted to perfection, vapman has a unique character, unrivaled efficiency, superior vapor quality and a history marked by knowledge and passion. Vapman vape here.

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1 x vapman inox sieve

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