Vapman Mouthpiece

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Which vapman mouthpiece to choose & use?

Borosilicate glass is one of the most hygienic materials available. No chemicals / harmful substances . Tasteless. It does not absorb odours or discolor. Characterised by a ‘high break resistance’ for glass and is 100% recyclable. The longer vapor path creates a more pleasant and cooler vape experience.

Inox is a premium stainless steel. It has an excellent surface finish enabling maximum hygiene.

P.O.M. is one of the best synthetic materials available. Its glass characteristics, yet it is completely unbreakable. It can easily resist temperatures of up to 120 degrees and various solutions, making it easy to clean. Plastic skeptics can therefore feel assured.

Titanium is the king of metals in terms of weight & strength while satisfying the highest hygiene requirements. Its full beauty is revealed through the optimal surface treatment.

Wood is ideal. It is soft, natural and pleasant in the mouth. It impresses with its lightweight, durability, & beauty.

Discover the worlds most advanced battery free vaporizer – 100% sustainable handcrafted to perfection, vapman has a unique character, unrivaled efficiency, superior vapor quality and a history marked by knowledge and passion. Vapman vape here.

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1 x vapman mouthpiece

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Borosilicate glass, Inox, P.O.M., Titanium, Wood


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