Review: Dobby V2 by Dreamwood

Is the Dobby V2 your kind of on-demand vaporizer?

By Herbert M. Green

It isn’t easy writing a review about a vaporizer I want to love but somehow just isn’t my cup of tea. It’s especially disappointing because I adore the brand that made it. The brand is Dreamwood and the portable vaporizer I’m talking about is the Dobby V2. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s by no means a ‘bad vaporizer’. I’m sure lots of folks will love it, as it has a lot of great things going for it. It’s just not my kind of flame-to-intake vaporizer

Just goes to show how much vaporizers based on the same principle can differ from each other which is, in my book, a good thing. There’s also no such thing as a typical vaper. Everyone has different preferences, some like big and dense cloudy hits, others like light and flavourful hits. I just happen to fit in the latter category. 

As it turns out the Dobby V2 isn’t for me, but maybe it’s for you. 

Let’s check out what I liked about the Dreamwood Dobby V2 and what I didn’t because there’s a lot to talk about. 

In this review I can’t avoid comparing the Dobby V2 to the other flame-to-intake vaporizer by Dreamwood I recently reviewed; The Punch Mini. Simply because comparing the two will drive home my point from the intro. These two wooden, flame-operated and handheld vaporizers might be based on the same heating techniques, they are in fact two very different vapes. 

The look and feel of the Dreamwood Dobby V2

It has to be said, I like the Dobby’s simplicity, especially in its portable configuration (more on that later). It looks like something that was made to put in your pocket.

The Purple Heartwood version of the Dobby I got to try out for this review may not have as much wavy grain as some of the other options, like the Santos Palisander or Ashtree wood, but the colour of the wood itself is stunning nonetheless.

The smoothed edges and the impeccable eye for detail on the finish show how skilled Steffen from Dreamwood is as a wood craftsman. This is a quality device that’s hand-made, with love and care.

The simplicity, wood and skilful craftmanship make this convection vaporizer look stunning

Handling the Dreamwood Dobby V2

Let me begin with one of the things I really liked about the Dobby; its portability. In contrast to one of the (few) issues I had with the Punch Mini, the Dobby V2 has a lot more ‘pocketability’. Where the Punch may be smaller in size, the fact the glass stems have to be carried separately from the main body while in transit, makes it a lot less portable. 

The Dobby V2 is a great portable vaporizer

The Dobby, on the other hand, is designed to carry all the glass stems within the body itself. The mouthpiece can be pushed into the body, so that it only sticks out a little bit, while the flame-intake nozzle has its own, special compartment on the inside of the body, where it sits snug and safe, ready to be transported.

This makes the Dobby a true ‘on-the-go’ vaporizer. 

Just stow away the glass pieces and slide the Dobby in your pocket. It weighs less than a smartphone and takes up about the same amount of space in your pocket, so you hardly notice it’s there.

With the intake nozzle stored in the main body (L) and the mouthpiece tucked in (M) the Dobby fits in almost any pocket (R)

Operating the Dobby is, in principle, the same as with the Punch Mini. Put the mouthpiece to your lips, place the flame of your torch lighter in front of the flame intake nozzle and start inhaling, you’ll feel the vapour hit your tongue and throat almost instantly, as shown in this video below. 

The fact you immediately feel the vapourisation process happening makes this a very tactile little vape. You can adjust and control vapour production on the fly, just by using your senses. I love that about flame-to-intake vaporizers in general, but Dreamwood’s vaporizers do this better than any other brand in the same category (IMHO).

The main issue I have with the Dobby, I’ll discuss in the next paragraph because it has more to do with the vapour quality than the actual handling of the device. Let me be clear though, this issue is of a purely personal nature. Others may not experience this as a negative and may even see it as a big plus.     

The vapour quality of the Dreamwood Dobby V2 

The thing is, the Dobby is an absolute beast. It chucks clouds like nobody’s business and hits as heavy as a ton of bricks. I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there that’ll be exceedingly happy with how much vapour this little powerhouse produces. 

But, this ability comes at a price. And that price is harsh. As in, I kept getting a harsh, hot and dry sensation in the back of my throat after every hit. 

With some experimentation, I figured out that these harsh throat hits could be mitigated by slowing down the speed of inhalation and increasing the distance between flame and intake, but that also produced far less vapour. 

This compromise seems to defeat the whole purpose of the Dobby, so I stopped using that tactic after a while and went back to fast and deep draws. This brought with it the harsh throat hits, but also the heavy dense clouds of vapour and the heavy, heady-high that knocked my socks of many ‘o times.  

And that last part is where the power of the Dobby V2 lies. Heavy, knock-out hits that leave you reeling in your seat. Far more than the Punch Mini will ever be able to produce. 

So, if you’re looking for a vaporizer that produces super thick clouds and will get you absolutely blazed, baked out of your skull, then accept no substitute! The Dobby V2 is the battery-free vaporizer for you.

The Flavour experience with the Dreamwood Dobby V2

Flavour-wise the Dobby didn’t do it for me either, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing. This open-flame vaporizer was clearly designed to be a cloud-chucker; nothing more, nothing less.

Due to its extra-wide glass airpath stem that doubles as the mouthpiece I only got the highlights of the terpene profiles, and none of the more subtle layers, even though the Dobby is very much a convection vaporizer.  

If you’re looking for a flavourful experience or the option to microdose, the Punch Mini may be the better choice.

Verdict on the Dreamwood Dobby V2

I truly hope it’s clear by now that the only reason I’m not thrilled about the Dobby V2 is that I’m a flavour-chaser who can only handle subtle and smooth hits. I’m just not the kind of vaper that wants to feel stoned out of my gourd after taking just one hit. (well, that’s not completely true, sometimes I do) 

But, if you can handle the harsh throat hits and lack of flavour nuance, in favour of huge clouds and a high similar to that of smoking a phat joint, this is definitely the vaporizer for you.    

Now it’s time for you to let us all know if you’ve tried the Dobby V2 yet. What did you experience the same issues I did? Or, did you experience it in a whole different light? Do you have any questions in regards to this review? Let us know in the comments below or on one of Dispensr’s social media channels. 

For now, peace out and vape on!

Herbert M. Green 

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