The New Mighty+: Better, Faster, Stronger

Storz & Bickel’s latest update of the most powerful and iconic handheld vaporizer

By Dabber the Adder

It’s been a hot minute since Storz & Bickel updated their prodigiously Mighty portable vaporizer. Ever since its launch, back in October of 2014, this powerful hybrid handheld device has been regarded as the benchmark for all other vapes in its class.
None could surpass it however, only an upgrade version could. And so, S&B set out to do just that; making the Mighty+ better, faster and stronger.
Now that it is officially ready to order, let us introduce you to all the new and improved features of this mightly powerful vaporizer. 

Going down the list of improvements that come with the Mighty+ 

This version is not just a slight update to keep the die-hard fans or those who’ve contracted VAS happy. No, the improvements that come with the new Mighty+ are quite extensive, even compared to the 2018 iteration.    

Let’s go down the list of the most impressive changes the Mighty+ has in regards to its predecessors. 

The Mighty+ has a better oven

The heating chamber (or ‘filling chamber’ as S&B insist on calling it) has been completely revamped with a superior ceramic coating. Not only does that make the oven more sturdy and resistant to heat damage, but it also provides a far better flavour experience.


The new Mighty+ heating chamber is now coated in a ceramic coating. Way better than the stainless steel used in the previous versions.

The Mighty+ is now more stable on flat surfaces 

Probably one of the most griped about details among Mighty owners is the fact that the darned thing can’t stand on its own. On a flat surface that is. Now (finally) the Mighty+ has been fitted with subtle yet effective fins on the bottom, allowing it to stand vertical (and proud) on your table.


See the subtle fins on the bottom? Those make sure you can set the Mighty+ straight up on a table. 

The Mighty+ now has USB-C and charges super fast

A modern device deserves a modern charging method. The new Mighty+ has a USB-C charging port that allows it to charge with 45 watts. This means that you can now supercharge up to 80% of the battery in only 40 minutes!


USB-C charging port baby! Oh yeah!

The Mighty+ heats up twice as fast as the old version

Yup, you read that right. Thanks to the upgraded power distribution and updated heating coils, the Mighty+ is now ready to vape in approx 60 seconds! That is almost twice as fast as the previous versions. 

The extra pre-set temperature: Superboost, we saw first with the 2018 version is back too, giving you a triple-click function that automatically increases the current temperature by 15°C. 

The Mighty+ body has a (slightly) updated look

One of the least impressive updates of the Mighty+ is its appearance. Sure, the ridges on the body have a slightly more modern look, but it’s far from a world-shattering makeover. Storz & Bickel probably didn’t want to change too much of the iconic look. Some might call that a missed opportunity, others might see it as a brilliant move on S&B’s part. Only time can tell.   

Note: The S&B smartphone app is currently still only available for android mobile devices, not Apple/iOS. 

Tell us honestly, do you think these new upgrades are reasons enough for you to go out and finally get yourself one of these bad boys, or replace your existing Mighty? Or is the price tag still an obstacle? Let us know in the comments below or on one of our social media channels.

Signing off, 

Dabber the Adder

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