Review: Very Berry Boa a 6.81% CBD rich flower

A CBD-rich cannabis strain whose aroma comes damn close to ‘proper dispensary weed’

By Herbert M. Green

Oh boy, oh boy, I love discovering something new about myself, to discover an interest I didn’t have before but most of all, I love discovering I was wrong. I was wrong in my assumptions about CBD-dominant cannabis like this Very Berry Boa. 

Thanks to this fragrant CBD strain called Very Berry Boa, my respect for this non-psychoactive form of cannabis has grown exponentially. Keep reading to find out how this sweetly scented serpent changed my opinion, and quite possibly my life.

From ‘no interest’ to ‘loving it’

If you’ve read my previous review of  Viper Haze, you’ll know that I’ve no great interest in CBD-dominant cannabis. Not yet I should say.
After trying Viper Haze I must - begrudgingly - admit that I might have judged the cannabidiol-rich (CBD) dried flowers a bit too harshly.

 Sure, I was only mildly enthusiastic about Viper Haze because of the lack of a rich and alluring terpene-profile*, but the abundance of cannabinoids present in those nugs of dried herb did me a lot of good. 

Now, Viper Haze is a staple part of my morning routine and puts both my body and mind in the right gear to get my day going. 

*If you aren’t familiar with terpenes, this article about terpene basics will get you caught up quick.

Flavour! Glorious flavour!

Every time I open up my pack of Very Berry Boa, it makes my eyebrows go up in surprise and sets my mouth in a distinctive ‘0’ shape. A shape that is inadvertently followed by the word ‘wow’.

Not only is there a noticeable terpene-profile present in this flower, but its scent and taste are also exceedingly pleasant! I would almost say this CBD-dominant phenotype is on par with weed you get at a dispensary.

Its scent is indeed very berry. Sweet and fruity, with a strong note of citrus and a floral finish that hints towards lavender. 

This red and blueberry theme continues in its flavour on the exhale. The fruity sweetness and the fresh citrus notes combine perfectly with a slightly earthy and nutty sensation on the tongue, while the floral finish lingers on the palate long after you have set your vaporizer back down. 

Relaxation without sedation

If you’ve ever done yoga or a good stretching session, you might be familiar with that calming feeling of total looseness and relaxation your body gets afterwards. A general feel-good sensation that comes close to true physical bliss, without making you feel sedated. I would say that that sensation is comparable to that of Very Berry Boa.  

A very berry conclusion

I think it’s safe to say that if you’re already a fan of CBD weed, then Very Berry Boa may well be your new favourite strain. If you’re, however, still as sceptical as I was not so long ago, then this is the strain guaranteed to change your mind. Its flavour and aroma are absolutely delectable! And that’s coming from someone who puts savour before effect.  

Couple that with the aforementioned yoga-afterglow and you can’t go wrong with this fresh from a spa-treatment CBD flower.  

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you think about this CBD strain. Have you tried it yet? Did I hit all the right notes? Or is there something I missed? Are you a true die-hard CBD fan or are you still looking to get on board? Let us know in the comments below or on one of Dispensr’s social media channels. 

Peace out & vape on!

Herbert M. Green 

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