Video Guide: Heating your DynaVap Part 2: Advanced heating methods

Learn how to take huge full-extraction hits or flavourful microdose hits from your VapCap

By Herbert M. Green

So, you’ve been using your new DynaVap for a while now and you feel you’ve got the hang of it. Great! 

You’re getting consistent clouds and flavourful hits. Awesome!

If not, go and check out my previous video where I help you out with the basics of heating your VapCap properly.

Yet, you don’t know half of it, dear DynaVaper. There’s so much more to learn and discover about how to use the VapCap by DynaVap. 

In this video, I’ll be teaching you how to get the most out of this fantastic pen vaporizer by showing you the “full-extraction technique” and the “microdosing” or “flavour hit” method. 

Peace out & vape on!


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