Viper Haze CBD flower Review

Find out how good (or bad) this CBD dry flower truly is

By Herbert M. Green

Asking someone who’s not a big fan of CBD-dominant cannabis to review one of their cannabidiol-rich flowers is a risk only a few are willing to take. Yet, the good people at Dispensr were brave enough to let me take a stab at it regardless. Was that hubris on their part or does Viper Haze really manage to rise above the crop? 

For all who are as sceptical about CBD flower as I am

I’m gonna be honest here. I’ve never seen the appeal of CBD-dominant cannabis. For me, it is all about the psychoactive effects of THC. I mean, what good is weed if it doesn’t get you high, right? 

Through my own bias, I’ve (almost) completely ignored non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) weed for a long time. 

All the CBD strains that I did try, didn’t sway my opinion in the least. None of them had a particularly tantalising aroma. They all smelled and tasted like dried hay. Where were all those luscious terpenes? 

For me, it’s all about the terpenes. It’s those little compounds that give cannabis it’s character. And if they aren’t there, it usually speaks volumes on the poor quality of the flower.

If you aren’t familiar with terpenes, this article about terpene basics will get you caught up quick.

So, when David at Dispensr asked me to review one of his new CBD-dominant strains, I was apprehensive. I generally only review products I’m genuinely interested in, and even then I tend to remain as critical as possible.  

After replying that I would only write a review if I could be brutally honest about Viper Haze, David just gave me a knowing smile and said: “Please do”. 

Challenge accepted, so here goes:

The flavour of Viper Haze

Let’s begin with the elephant in the room; the flavour. 

Viper Haze may not have assaulted my olfactory senses with an intense aroma at first sniff, but once I broke up a nug and started crumbling, I could most definitely detect a pleasant terpene profile. 

It has a sweet scent of red fruits with a slight, herbaceous hint of basil and pine needles, topped off with enjoyable undertones of fresh grass and damp earth.  

It was faint, but it was definitely there. Something none of the other CBD strains I’ve ever smelled can say.

Once I started vaping Viper Haze, the aroma was complemented by floral notes and a lingering aftertaste of the juicy red fruits I mentioned before.  

I have to say, I was more than mildly impressed. Its terpene profile might not be on par with its THC-dominant sisters, but if this is what the future of CBD-dominant cannabis has in store, I’m already more hopeful than I was before trying Vipe Haze. Not bad at all.

Just look at how good these CBD nugs look, and this is just half of what's in the pack. I already vaped half before writing this review ;p 

Viper Haze is my new favourite wake & bake strain! 

Even though the flavour and aroma didn’t blow my socks off, there’s another aspect of Viper Haze that truly delighted me, what it did for my morning routine. 

Wake & bake has always been my favourite part of the day. For me, it is the perfect way to shake off the fog of sleep, get motivated to start my day and get the creative juices flowing. 

Normally I’d vape a light, but psychoactive THC-dominant strain to get me there, but that can have the adverse effect of bringing back another kind of fogginess, depending on the strain. 

With Viper Haze I can honestly say I’ve found my new favourite wake & bake (1) strain! 

Think of that feeling you get from your first cup of coffee in the morning. It takes away the fog of sleep and sharpens up the brain to improve your focus. 

Or a round of morning exercise to start your day, that wakes up the body and energises the mind. Viper Haze could most definitely fit in that same category.  

      1. Wake & bake: The act of consuming cannabis first thing in the morning, before or next to a cup of coffee or tea.

This is my favourite Wake&Bake setup now. 

Full-spectrum CBD flower is more than just CBD

The great thing about CBD weed is that it provides you with so much more than products that only contain pure CBD. Besides the beneficial aspects of terpenes, it holds many more cannabinoids other than cannabidiol. 

Viper Haze is packed with compounds like CBC, CBN and CBG. Contemporary research suggests that these cannabinoids all have a vital role to play in your overall health. 

Couple that with the fact that Dispensr has every batch of dried CBD flower tested before it’s available for purchase. That way you can be safe in the knowledge that there are no harmful elements in the buds, like pesticides or heavy metals. Nice to have a sure thing, isn’t it? 

Now that you know what I think of Viper Haze, let me ask you what you think. Did you like it? Have you incorporated it into your daily wake-up routine? Did this review help you make a decision? Or is there more you’d like the know? Let Dispensr know in the comments below or on one of their social media channels 


For now, peace out & vape on!


Herbert M. Green

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