Why I love La Mixette

The best rolling tray you’ll find this side of the galaxy

By Herbert M. Green

La Mixette’s 100% leather herb mixing tray is one of those products I didn’t know I needed and, now can’t do without. I take it everywhere I go and feel naked if I happen to forget to pack it. Let me tell you why I think the Mixette is an indispensable tool in any serious vaping and cannabis enthusiast’s kit.  

Cleanliness is king

I value the cleanliness of my nugs above all else and can’t stand to have (pet) hairs, crumbs or other nasties anywhere near my precious flower. That’s why I always want a clean surface to crumble my weed on (yes, I crumble instead of grind, better for the terps!).

Sure, I could use any old rolling tray, but the Mixette is so much more versatile than any of those.
“Why not crumble in your hand?” you ask. Well, first off, that leaves me with only one free hand to work with, and secondly, it brings its own cleanliness issues.

La Mixette is now a permanent fixture within my EDC vaping kit. 

It’s the most portable rolling tray available 

Because La Mixette is so small, it fits into any pouch, bag, pocket or toolkit. It’s part of my ‘Every Day Carry’ now, together with my ‘M’, torch lighter and stash. No other rolling and mixing tray can match that. 

Also, because I can fold the Mixette, I can easily pack up mid-crumble if I have to vacate my seat. If I fold the Mixette in my closed hand, and I take a little care, I won’t lose any herb when walking around.

Need to relocate mid-prep? Just close a fist around the Mixette and you can move around without worrying about losing any precious herb

La Mixette is an easy loader

Lastly, I have to talk about how easy it is to load a vaporizer (or bong, or joint) with La Mixette. The slightly curved edges of the cup and the fact it’s foldable make it the ideal loading funnel. The smoothed leather surface lets the weed crumbs slide off and the curved rim holds everything in place until I tilt and tap the edge to let the crumbs just fall into place. Lovely!

Seriously! Pick one up with your next order on this site, you won’t regret it! And let me know in the comments below how it changed your vaping life for the better. 

For now, peace out & vape on!

Herbert M. Green

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