Win 100% of this jar full of our new organic CBG bud?


We’re giving it all away ?

By Dabber the Adder

We love CBG and we love this vape community, we love launching new products, so we combined our two great loves. We’re launching our new organic CBG (Cannabigerol) flower by giving away a jar full of it, as always.

We really think you will love this strain, this organic and tasty flower will be a real pleaser in your favourite vaporizer.

There is not a great deal to be found online about CBG and its role as a precursor to other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, but its role is essential in the plants life cycle be it focused on the production of THC or CBD as the plant matures.

Cannabigerolic acid once decarboxylated becomes Cannabigerol or CBG, it is also what is known as a “parent molecule” which is reposnbile for synthesising other the other molecules earlier described.

We are very happy to have sourced this incredible and organic strain to only bring your the best.

Rules and Conditions

How to enter the giveaway

Guess how much CBG flower is in the jar in the photo below.

Then email your guess in the title to : and that’s it.

We will announce the winner 01 June 21.

Siesta giveaway rules

Available to newsletter subscribers only (subscribe here). One guess per person. One guess per email. Duplicate emails will be deleted. Only emails to will be honoured. Two decimal points max (ie : 5.23g). The closest guess to the actual number of grams wins it all.

We will literally send you this big fat jar of organic CBG buds, with a 2021 DynaVap M vaporizer & an Apollo II Induction Heater, so that you can enjoy these incredible flowers with one of the best vaporizers on the market with he heater to match.

This special competition is to thank all of our wonderful newsletter subscribers and that is why it is exclusive to you, our lovely community of flower loving vapers.

Have you tried CBG? 

Feel free to let us know your own story or story about CBG and how you came across it.

We will be posting a more in-depth review and breakdown so that we can keep you informed of all the necessary information so you can make informed decisions about what would be best for you.

We do suggest you read the wiki article regarding this interesting molecule and its role as it is very unlike anything else you may have encountered so far, so no matter what flower you enjoy CBG has played a role in making it that way.

Read more:

Cannabigerol is normally converted into other cannabinoids during the life cycle of the plant.  During the growth period as the cannabigerolic acid is converted into THC and CBD plus other cannabinoids there remains little to no CBG (below 1%)

This is what makes this product so special is the high percentage of organic CBG and no THC or CBD at all, focusing instead cultivating that which is normally lost as the plant grows and thrives.

These molecules and technologies to take advantage of them are improving everyday and our understanding go the plant and its capabilities are only now really starting to show the diversity and potential as various industries look at ways in which it can help expand and grow our understanding of everything from plastics to concrete.

As we begin to learn more about this incredible plant we also discover how much we have lost through the misguided goal of cultivating the plant to only express one of the myriad of cannabinoids.

Understanding that these molecules and acids have a very real use and benefit for both the plants development and perhaps through further study possible real world application as perceptions change around the world.


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